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Our no preservatives peanut butter specially blended with all-natural ingredients to satisfy all age-groups with its creamy goodness!

Made with high-quality peanuts, this versatile spread could be used as an appetizer, as part of the main course and naturally for desserts. It’s so good, most people tell us they eat this peanut butter straight from the jar!

Also an excellent source of protein, energy and Vitamin E, this decadent treat protects our heart from coronary diseases by increasing our “good” cholesterol with Niacin and an antioxidant bioflavonoid “resveratrol” which is believed to help prevent the formation of arterial plaques.

Packed in various sizes to accommodate every customer’s needs.

Peanut Butter - Ludys2_edited.jpg
Peanut Butter - Ludys1.jpg
Peanut Butter - Ludys.jpg
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